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Курс M5105: Deploying Microsoft Windows Vista Business Desktops

Цена для физических лиц, р.: 16850
Цена для юридических лиц, р.: 16850

Продолжительность курса (дней): 3

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Цель: This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully deploy Windows Vista business desktops throughout their organization. Students are introduced to the deployment life cycle, which consists of planning for th

Необходимая подготовка:

Before attending this course, students must have:
• Experience deploying Windows client systems.
• At least one year of experience managing a Microsoft Windows desktop operating system environment.
• Familiarity with standard client and application deployment methods such as Group Policy, disk imaging, and Systems Management Server (SMS).
• Familiarity with the Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) Solution Accelerator.

Important: This learning product will be most useful to people who are already working in the job role of a Desktop Configuration Administrator and who intend to use their new skills and knowledge on the job immediately after training.

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■ Module 1, “Preparing to Deploy Windows Vista Business Desktops,” provides
guidelines for an effective desktop deployment. This module also introduces tools
and technologies used in the desktop deployment life cycle. Finally, this module
introduces the process and team guidance provided by the Microsoft Solution
Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment 2007.
■ Module 2, “Application Compatibility Remediation,” describes how to address
common application compatibility issues faced during a typical operating system
deployment. This module also discusses how to use the Application Compatibility
Toolkit to help evaluate and address application compatibility issues.
■ Module 3, “User State Migration,” describes user state migration and how the
User State Migration Tool can be used for various migration scenarios.
■ Module 4, “Computer Imaging Technologies for Windows Vista,” describes the
Windows Vista installation architecture and introduces specific imaging
technologies to be used to assist in the deployment of Windows Vista.
■ Module 5, “Deploying Windows Vista Using Lite Touch and Zero Touch,”
describes how to use the Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment
2007 to deploy a Windows Vista image using a Lite Touch or Zero Touch
■ Module 6, “Securing a Windows Vista Desktop,” describes the new security
features incorporated into Windows Vista.


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